There are no words in the English language than can adequately express how great Dr.P is at what she does, nor how thankful I am to have had her play a prominent role in my healing journey! She carries the kindness and compassion of Jesus, which was such an unspeakable comfort to me, as we dealt with some of the most vulnerable details of my life and relationships.

I first came into her office having recently escaped a dangerous relationship, suffering from PTSD, and feeling utterly overwhelmed with having to figure out where to go from there. Dr. P helped me identify faulty beliefs that I had been holding onto for years, and replace them with God's truth in each area. She helped me to call abuse what it is and understand the mindset of an abuser. I have so much wisdom and clarity in identifying red flags, and I have gained the skills and confidence to gracefully set boundaries for myself.

If you are looking for a counselor who is Spirit-led, wise, intelligent, and sensitive, look no further! Through my sessions with Dr.P, I have received deliverance, but also I have acquired tools for the practical application of that deliverance which enables me to hold onto it and avoid falling back into old, unhealthy patterns. Dr.P is a true gem. I am so glad that she is releasing a book, because it means that multitudes will have the opportunity to hold her hand walking into greater levels of freedom and empowerment! I could not recommend her more highly!

~Domestic Violence Overcomer

Dr. P is an answer to prayer! I was so confused and traumatized when I started to see her. It was such a difficult time. She has helped me over the last couple of years to recognize what is true, what I can and cannot change and what I want from this precious life. I have used skills that I developed with her in all of my relationships, including work and parenting. She has helped me to speak the truth in love and to hear the truth in love. I feel like I have an advocate in her every time I see her! Thank God for her!

~Single Mom, Entrepreneur

Dr. Probasco, affectionately known to me as Dr. P, is an amazing woman! I have only been seeing her a little over a year, but we connected on such a deep level. Every time we meet it is so personal. I love that she is also a believer and can guide me using biblical principals. I cannot say enough good things about her. She has been such a blessing to me during my healing journey.

~Domestic Violence Overcomer

Dr. P (as we affectionately call her) is truly a gift to us from God. My husband and I came to her during a time in our marriage where we were stuck. We couldn't get out of the dark hole we were in. We could barely talk to each other because of all the resentment, bitterness, hurt and misunderstanding of each other in our marriage. Our marriage was hanging on by a thread, and then we met Dr. P and everything changed. We believe she came into our life "for such a time as this" to help us save our marriage.

She gave us the right tools, biblical guidance, as well as her own life experiences, on what makes marriages long lasting, fulfilling, and successful. She showed us ways to show each other love and appreciation, and the most important lesson of all; resolving conflict. We have laughed, and cried together. She has seen us at our worst, and our very best. She is always there to help us, pray for us, and counsel us. She walks along side us in our marriage, holding our hands, reminding us what is True, and is there for us every step of the way. Dr. P is our angel. We don't know where we would be without her in our life. We know God put her in our life to help guide us and teach us ways to make each other happy, and how to see the good in one another, even when things get hard.

She has taught us so many valuable lessons, that we will never forget. She is so humble and kind, and has a gentle spirit about her that is contagious. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease to talk to her about any struggle you're going through. She always gives the best advice, and always is there to be a listening ear.

Since meeting Dr. P my husband got saved, and my relationship with the Lord has grown and blossomed more than it has before. We now have a firm foundation we didn't have before. We believe with her help and our faith in God, we will get through anything life throws at us. We are stronger, and closer than ever. Our marriage is thriving and we have become "best friends" again. We are forever grateful for Dr. P and she will always be a part of our life. We look forward to seeing her regularly, and we believe the tools, and wisdom she gives us is truly priceless. We highly recommend Dr. P--- You will LOVE her!!!"

~Celebrity and Retired NFL Player

It is with great happiness, I am able to speak out about my counseling experience with Dr. Probasco. When I first came to her a year ago, I was very emotionally spent, mentally exhausted and weak! Through her gentle, caring spirit, she soon began to to help me rebuild my self-worth. I was able to see many of my life events in an entirely different light! I am working now to rebuild my life!

Dr. Probasco is always there to help me see how to stay in a positive direction. I am so looking forward to a calm new direction in my new beginnings, she will help you too strive for and reach your new beginnings! May your future be bright and healthy! Find your positive direction with Dr. Ramona Probasco and rebuild your new positive life. Thank you! I wish for you many of life's blessings!"

~Business Owner

"Coming out of the fog I felt I was in from years of abuse, I needed someone who would listen and believe me, someone who could help me understand and bring clarity, someone who could help me to find courage to call it what it is and to not live in shame, someone safe to weep with and fun to celebrate with along this journey of healing.

Dr. Probasco has truly been a God send. Her genuine care, extensive knowledge and vast experience has from the onset affirmed in me that I am in good hands and on the right course to healing well. I am so incredibly grateful to God for allowing our paths to cross.

~Missionary/HS Teacher

"It s hard for me to say where I d be if I hadn t met Dr. Probasco. I once spent my days either in tears or asleep, and every attempt I made at breaking that ugly cycle seemed to blow up in my face.

The first time I visited her, I cried. I cried a lot, and for a lot of reasons. The thing is, though, she helped me get better and push myself so that the tears would slow. She instilled this sense of security in me that I d lost a long time ago, and while things aren t yet perfect, she has given me the tools that I need in order to get there.

I have gone from too afraid to move, to being afraid and doing it anyway. Dr. P is an incredible therapist, person and friend. She is a blessing, and I don t know if I will ever have the words to thank her.


Dr. Probasco is a kind, empathetic counselor, and a very good listener. She has the skill to discern a situation, ask good questions, and make suggestions for the client’s consideration. For me, it was an added blessing that she is a Christian. While she did not instigate a Christian approach to counseling, I did.

Bringing God into my relationship with Dr. Probasco has been an added bonus, as her guidance with a Christian orientation has helped me greatly. I feel very comfortable stating that a Christian approach to counseling would not have occurred if I hadn’t brought up my faith.

I would recommend Dr. Probasco highly to anyone in need of her services."

~ Retired Educator/Life Coach/Speaker

Living in today s society is tough and sometimes complex, keeping your personal life and business in focus can be difficult or even impossible when tragedy strikes. Making it day by day can seem impossible, you can feel lost, anxious and at a loss for who you are and where you would like to be.

Such was my life until I met Dr. Probasco .

I had been through multiple major life tragedies all within a very short time span. Even so, I wanted to get back on track as soon as possible, yet that seemed impossible at the time. Thanks to Dr. Probasco I regained my focus, started to understand the recovery processes and soon began living again.

Her inspiration and counseling techniques are very effective and lasting. I would recommend anyone who is either seeking a better life, or dealing with a crisis, to seek out her services.

~ Business Owner

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